Taj Palace, New Delhi


12-14 September 2016

The International Riversymposium brings together river managers, policy developers, scientists, consultants, students, NGOs, indigenous and community organisations and business and industry representatives from around the world to share their knowledge, learn from others and collaborate on innovative ideas to improve the sustainable management of river basins.

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Great rivers of the world: management for shared benefits

Managing our great rivers to meet the needs of the global population is one of the key challenges of the 21st century. With an overarching theme of ‘Great rivers of the world: Management for shared benefits’, the 2016 Riversymposium will tackle some of the world’s most pressing river basin management issues. The theme explores the challenges many countries are facing in their quest to effectively balance competing demands for freshwater resources—including urban expansion, industrialisation, power generation, irrigation and domestic use. Productive, collaborative and urgent discussion on this topic will mitigate potentially disastrous outcomes, including regional tension, environmental migration and low economic growth. The program incorporates a range of topics and perspectives from different parts of the world, with dedicated exploration of the unique challenges in the Greater Himalaya.

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