Jean-Michel Benier

Jean-Michel Benier

Jean-Michel Benier, Australia

Jean-Michel Benier is currently the Team Leader for Waterways Asset Management at Melbourne Water, Victoria. He has over 15 years of waterway management experience across academic, consulting and government organisations. Jean-Michel is at the forefront of building Melbourne Water’s waterways asset management capabilities. He genuinely believes that considering waterways as assets, according to asset management principles, we can transform the management waterways to deliver services valued by the community.

Presentation Title: Defining waterways as segmented linear assets to support and enhance service delivery.

Melbourne Water is unique as a sewerage and water utility, it is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the condition of 8400km of Melbourne’s waterways. In striving to become a truly customer service driven organisation, it has fundamentally transformed how it delivers services, including waterway management, through the implementation of asset management processes.  The challenge is managing natural and highly modified waterways that provide a variety of services to 4 million people currently,  which is expected to grow to 8 million in the next 30 years.The condition of waterways change by segment and multiple assets have been created to address the segmented changes in condition. Considering waterways as ‘linear assets’, similarly to pipes or roads, is central to realising a truly service based approach to waterways management. This approach provides the basis for investment prioritisation linking on-ground works and delivering on agreed levels of service.  The use of ‘dynamic segmentation’ as a new asset management technique, will support waterway management by allowing appropriate consideration of the multiplicity of values and services that waterways deliver.  It shifts from a physical segmentation of waterways based on reaches to focus on the services each linear component of a waterway provides.  This approach is currently being trialed for riparian vegetation areas under active management. Dynamic segmentation allows the use of key waterway attributes (condition, values or services) that can be used as reference points for condition monitoring, work initiation and reporting by asset and waterway managers.   Through this new asset management approach, Melbourne Water will identify where existing waterways assets require maintenance or new assets may be required. It will provide the basis for identifying priorities for investment and to demonstrate transparency between funding for on-ground work and how these delivering on the levels of service we have agreed with our customers.

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