Riverprize: What does it take to win and what are the benefits?

Riverprize: What does it take to win and what are the benefits?





Date: Monday, 18 September
Time: 1.30pm-3.00pm

International RiverFoundation awarded the first Riverprize in 1999 and since then, organisations from all parts of the globe have been vying for the coveted awarded. This session features advice and anecdotes from past Riverprize winners and judges on what it takes to win the prize, and how it has benefitted rivers, ecosystems and communities.


3.30pm: Kelly Mayer and Kerrie Gallo, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper (USA) – Winners of the 2016 Thiess International Riverprize
As the most recent winners, Kelly and Kerrie will talk about their experiences and lessons learned. Winners of the inaugural Northern American Riverprize in 2015, they gained automatic entry to the 2016 Thiess International Riverprize, which was one of the most competitive in many years.

3.50pm: Dr Deborah Nias, Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group – Winners of the 2007 Australian Riverprize
Not only are MDWWG past winners of the Australian prize but Deb is Chair of the Australian Judging Panel. She brings perspectives from both sides of the judging table and insights into the non-cash benefits of winning such an award.

4.10pm: Prof Bill Dennison from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, USA
As a member of the International RiverFoundation Board, and Chair of the Thiess International Riverprize judging panel, Bill has a unique perspective on what it takes to win the Riverprize. In addition, the eligibility criteria for the award have changed in recent years and Bill will share the judges’ perspective on what this means for future applicants.

4.30: Q&A session with audience

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