Sponsor Spotlight: Griffith University

Sponsor Spotlight: Griffith University

Griffith University’s Australian Rivers Institute (ARI) is turning the tide on the degradation of river, catchment and coastal ecosystems.  The Institute is one of Australia’s largest university aquatic ecosystem research groups, comprising 160 staff and postgraduate students. ARI brings together academics and researchers from across a broad range of disciplines including aquatic ecology, biogeochemistry, geomorphology, economics, and law.

The Institute undertakes relevant and vital research that addresses challenges in a changing world and is committed to improving the health and long-term viability of the world’s aquatic systems.  ARI has a catchment-to-coast philosophy that underpins the Institute’s holistic research approach, which also takes into account, not just environmental impacts of aquatic health, but also social, political and economic ramifications.

ARI’s mission is to do world-class science to improve understanding of catchment, river, estuarine and coastal ecosystems; to provide the knowledge to support rehabilitation, sustainable use, and conservation of these systems; and to provide a creative, inclusive and collaborative environment that fosters the next generation of ecosystem scientists.

ARI researchers manage interdisciplinary research projects and creative collaborations that have been recognised internationally. The Institute also provides advice to governments, resource managers, the water industry and the community with informed research relating to the preservation and management of catchment, river, estuarine and coastal ecosystems.

ARI has exceptional facilities, with active early career researcher and higher degree research programs nurturing the next generation of researchers. The Institute seeks to combine outstanding scholarship with service to society through provision of training, knowledge, and advice in relation to aquatic systems.

Through building strong partnerships with key stakeholders, ARI is dedicated to providing services that are well-connected, relevant and innovative in order to meet the diverse challenges of global change on aquatic systems.  Griffith University is a founding member of the International Water Centre and ARI has direct involvement with a number of international water management committees, such as the Global Water System Project and Future Earth, ARI has cemented its reputation as a world leader in aquatic research and conservation.

Griffith University is the research partner for the 20th International Riversymposium and Environmental Flows Conference.





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