Morag Stewart

Morag Stewart

Morag has a background in aquatic ecology, catchment planning and extreme climbing.

Optimising On-ground Investment For Source Water Protection In South East Queensland

Protection of source water catchments is an essential component of providing a safe and cost effective drinking water supply. A common problem for water authorities is determining where and what to do in applying a limited budget for source water protection to achieve the maximum water quality benefits. Seqwater operates more than 39 drinking water treatments plants which receive raw water from various catchments across a total area of 1.2M Ha. Each plant has a different treatment capability, and each contributing catchment presents a different suite of water quality challenges.  Under its Source Protection Planning Program Seqwater implements over forty different types of on-ground investment, from direct revegetation to facilitating improvements in wastewater management to supporting agricultural practice improvement activities, each of which are designed to mitigate the risk to the quality of raw water received at its water treatment plants.

The Catchment Investment Decision Support System (CIDSS) is a spatial optimization tool to help planning and implementation of on-ground investment for source water protection. The tool produces a spatially optimized investment strategy that provides the greatest reduction in treatment risk at the water treatment plants for a given budget.

The CIDSS uses modern web technologies and embraces the need to communicate the modelling results. The tool includes interfaces to engage and communicate ‘featured scenarios’ with the entire organisation as well as interfaces to allow for scenario creation manipulation and management. An additional feature of the CIDSS is the ability to allow pragmatic refinement of the modelled optimized results and the subsequent creation of annotated design maps to support the implementation of the model output for on-ground practitioners.

The CIDSS is helping Seqwater to connect water source protection planning and implementation via a data driven modelling approach using modern web based technology.

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