Andrea Tatiana Vargas Elío

Andrea Tatiana Vargas Elío

I am environmental engineer and I live in Cochabamba Bolivia. I work in Gaia Pacha Foundation with projects with young people. I have experience working on projects with youth and other local actors in water care, climate change, environmental education,other. We worked the last year in Rocha River, because it is a huge problem in Cochabamba. I want to know other experiences and projects in rivers to implement these actions in my context.

Experience with Projects in Rocha River (Cochabamba-Bolivia)

The Rocha River Basin is one of the most important watersheds of the Department of Cochabamba. The river has a length of approximately 81 km crossing the third largest city in Bolivia. Over the years, urban growth and industrial activity have increased the water demand and caused environmental degradation on the river water quality.

Last year Gaia Pacha Foundation was working with two initiatives that will help restore the Rocha River. The first initiative uses public participation to monitor macroinvertebrates in the municipalities of Sacaba, Cercado, and Colcapirhua. The second initiative promoting Ecological Brigades in schools within the municipality of Colcapirhua. That projects were part of another initiatives calling Kunturillo, we promote actions to take care and preserve the Rocha River.

-Monitoring and basic biological macroinvertebrates evaluation with citizen participation: The use of aquatic macroinvertebrates as indicators of the quality of water ecosystems is an efficient, low-cost measure to assess the health of rivers. Wtih these project we have developed a participative methodology of monitoring, training citizens. The river data are show in a virtual platform in our page We think is important to generate data about the pollution of the river and share it with the citizens. And it is important to use an easy language for that people who don’t understand technical terms.

– Promoting Ecological Brigades in schools within the municipality of Colcapirhua.: It is important to involucrate youth in these problems. In these case we work with Colcapirhua because they are beside the river and have another view of the pollution. We promote actions about taking care and preserve the river. It was interesting because youth developed projects in their schools and teachers and directors got involved and these year we continue working with them.

In 2019 we are working in these projects too.

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