Astria Nugrahany

Astria Nugrahany

Astria Nugrahany, Indonesia

Astria finished her BSc Degree in Water Resources Engineering at Brawijaya University of Malang, Indonesia. She started her career at Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation, a River Basin Organization which is a State Owned Company of the Government of Indonesia that managed the operation, maintenance and development of water resources and its infrastructures. The works that she had done are related to water resources research especially in water quality and concept water service fee formula. Late 2015, she earned her master degree from Erasmus Mundus Flood Risk Management, coming back to Indonesia and working back in Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation as Chief of Environment Unit in Information and Environment Bureau with tasks, giving recommendation and conducting watershed protection activities such as conservation, constructing gully plug, giving counseling, etc.; giving recommendation on water surface utilization and wastewater discharge permit; and plan water allocation and water balance in the river basins.

Presentation Title:Community Engagement in Watershed and River Basin Conservation Practices in Jasa Tirta I Public Corporation (PJT I).

Conservation of water resources in the river basin of PJT I working area are intended to maintain the sustainability of the carrying capacity, the capacity and function of water resources in the basins. Conservation of water resources are created through the protection and conservation of water resources, preservation of water, water quality management and water pollution control. Conservation strategy of water resources in the river basin, among others: (1) Conservation activities is done in cooperation with the relevant authorities and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) such as greening activities greening activities involving communities to plant and maintain trees, while the provision of seeds and coaching is done through cooperation between PJT I non-governmental organizations. Building small check dams or gully plug and water infiltration and sediment control structure. (2) Conducting socialization or counseling which done routinely to the community which lives in the area along the river, around the reservoir and also for the general public. Socialization/counseling is usually done PJT 1 in cooperation with NGOs, relevant agencies and academics, about the importance of preserving the environment. (3) Water Quality Monitoring in the river main stream from sources of pollutant by doing river patrol with related agencies; and (4) raising awareness of the importance to maintance the environment condition and conduct water quality using bio-assessment targeted to the high school students with Water Quality Monitoring Communication Network (Jaring Komunikasi Pemantauan Kualitas Air/JKPKA). The evaluation of successful watershed conservation activities are relatively quite difficult to analyze. By setting objectives and applying tools can be useful to perform optimization and evaluation of the activities. The involvement of the community play an important roles of the successful conservation activities especially for those who lives in upstream area.

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