Chunna Liu

Chunna Liu

Senior Engineer in China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, Deputy director of the strategic planning research group in National Research Center for Hydropower Sustainable Development.

In these years, ecological environment in many river basins is threatened by hydroelectric development to some extent. More and more attentions are increasingly paid on the river basin sustainable management. In China, the 13th Five-Year “hydropower development planning (2016-2020)” clearly stated that we must guarantee the ecological environment protection when developing hydropwer, so as to promote the construction of ecological civilization. In this research, we compared the international evaluation methodologies of sustainable hydropower development, such as, United Nations goals for sustainable development, certification procedures and standards for green hydropower in Switzerland, low-impact hydropower station certification system in U.S., sustainable hydropower development in the Danube basin guiding principles, and a handbook of watershed ecosystems in hydropower development published by German International Cooperation. Based on the comparison results, we created an evaluation system of river basin sustainable development, so as to evaluate the statues of river basin objectively, combined with the on-site investigation. In this system, the factors of economic contribution and management of river basin are considered, as well as the ecological and environmental factors, for example, aquatic ecology, terrestrial ecology, water regime, water quality, protective measures and so on. The standard of each factors is formulated according to the statistical data of national rivers. Then we applied this evaluation system on the river basins of Wujiang and Beipanjiang. The results showed that the proposed evaluation system could well reflect the river basin statues and sustainable level. Targeting on the unsustainable factors, we further put forward the measures to mitigating the adverse impacts, in order to promote the sustainable development of river basin. In the future, the research findings would be popularized to an international river basin evaluation, taking into account the evaluation factors and standards of international rivers.

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