Glen Dare

Glen Dare

Glen is a Senior Environmental Planner at Brisbane City Council with over 12 years experience in local government. Glen currently leads adaptation planning for Brisbane City Council including the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy being delivered under the QCOAST 2100 Program. Glen has also led planning for stormwater and park infrastructure in Council’s Local Government Infrastructure Program to service future development in Brisbane. Brisbane City Council has been working closely with stakeholders on Moreton Island to empower the community and build there resilience to coastal hazards and sea level rise, with Cowan Cowan a case study of coastal hazard adaptation.

Coastal Hazard Adaptation on Moreton Island

Brisbane City Council has been working with residents on Moreton Island to assist them in managing coastal erosion. Council has developed erosion management methods with residents of the Cowan Cowan township whilst completing a Coastal Hazards Adaptation Strategy for Brisbane and Moreton Island. The case study focuses on community empowerment to build there resilience to coastal hazards and support them in undertaking the most effective erosion management strategy specific to each erosion issue experienced on Moreton Island.

Brisbane City Council worked closely with the Queensland Government and the community to identify a preferred coastal erosion management approach and enabled the community to undertake this management themselves.

There are two basic approaches to dealing with erosion at this location, including ‘do nothing’ and allow the natural erosion processes to occur; or holding / improving the present coastal alignment by protection via soft options.

Soft options considered for Cowan Cowan are:

• beach re-profiling;

• sand recycling;

• beach nourishment; and

• restoration and revegetation of the beach/dune system seaward of the township to provide an adequate buffer width to accommodate the natural erosion.

In the short-term, beach nourishment with revegetation offers the best opportunity for achieving preservation and restoration. The nourished beach, once vegetation has established, should provide enough stabilisation to protect the dune and beach from erosion under standard weather conditions. However, it is expected that during any storm events, the lower dune will still be impacted, and erosion will still occur. Council is investigating the viability and cost effectiveness erosion management for Moreton Island, once natural coastal processes, such as: erosion, sediment transport and wave patterns; are better understood as part of Council’s Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy.

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