Huw Pohlner

Huw Pohlner

Huw leads a team of water policy and management specialists at consulting firm Aither. Huw is a multidisciplinary water resource management and international engagement specialist. He has recently advised governments, utilities and companies on water policy and management in Australia, Jordan, the Philippines and the UK. Before joining Aither in May 2016, Huw worked for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, the University of Melbourne and China Policy.

WaterGuide – A Framework for Improving Resilient Water Resource Management in the Jordan Valley

Water scarcity is a critical issue in Jordan, not only due to competing in-country needs and growing demand, but also as a result of the recent influx of an estimated one million Syrian refugees. Inefficient water management and use threatens the resilience of the transboundary Jordan River, as well as significant groundwater resources. Supported by the Australian Water Partnership and in collaboration with the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation, a multidisciplinary team applied the WaterGuide framework in Jordan to investigate the use of economic instruments to improve water allocation and use in the Jordan Valley. This presentation discusses the findings of this investigation, focusing on how water trading and tariff reform could enhance the efficiency of irrigated agriculture in the Valley while also placing the Jordan River on a sustainable footing for the future. It also presents learnings for other government-to-government dialogue and collaboration processes focused on sharing Australian expertise in integrated water resource management.

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