Ian Gordon

Ian Gordon

Ian is the director of Water for Operation Support, Natural Resources from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

Improving Community, Water Manager And Water User Access To Information

Lack of access to and understanding of foundational information relating to the management of water resources in Queensland has been identified as a signifcant impediment to sustainable management of water resources, compliance with regulatory requirements and failure to meet community expectations on transparency of how this critical resource is administered.

Queensland Government has been actively developing and releasing a range of information products and services to ensure water users, water managers and the wider community have improved access to critical water information. In many instances, the opportunities of improved technology and telecommunications have out-paced the practicalities of on-ground monitoring devices, principles of data quality assurance and the inherent complexities of water management in highly variable climatic and river conditions.

This paper will provide a summary of these products developed by Queensland Government, and lessons learnt about the needs of different stakeholder groups, data management and access challenges and suite of technology options that have become available in recent years.

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