Jacques van Delft

Jacques van Delft

Jacques van Delft, South Africa

Jacques van Delft is the Hydropower specialist for Bloemwater, a water utility in Bloemfontein South Africa. He has been working for Bloemwater for eighteen years as an Electrical Technician. In 2011 he became involved with the Water Research Commission of South Africa and the University of Pretoria in a study on the possibility of Conduit Hydropower at the Bloemwater Brandkop Reservoir in Bloemfontein. As one of the project leaders he established and implemented the first stand alone Conduit Hydropower plant in Bloemfontein South Africa, supplying the Bloemwater head office with renewable energy. He is working together with the University of Pretoria on the development of the second conduit Hydropower Plant for Bloemwater on their existing water distribution system.

Presentation Title: Bloemwater Conduit Hydropower Plant

Water Utilities and Municipalities in South Africa make use of a large water distribution network by means of pressurized pipelines to supply communities with purified water. During 2009 South Africa experienced major power interruptions from the Electricity Supply Utility (ESKOM) by means of load shedding.
During the load shedding period the Water Research Commission of South Africa together with the University of Pretoria began a small study to look at the possible to use the energy in the pressurized pipelines to generate electricity. From this study Bloemwater was asked to participate in the study by developing a Conduit Hydropower plant at the Brandkop reservoir in Bloemfontein.
The first Conduit Hydropower Plant at the Brandkop Reservoir in Bloemfontein South Africa, supplying Bloemwater Head office with renewable energy was completed and launched on 31 March 2015.
Bloemwater head-office, close to the Brandkop reservoir, is supplied with electrical power from the Conduit Hydropower plant. Bloemwater is saving on electricity cost and reducing the Bloemwater carbon footprint
The Conduit Hydropower Plant is used for educational purpose be exposing learners, students, municipalities, waterboards in Africa on the principle of generating electricity from existing pressurized water supply systems.

This presentation will outline the background of the project, which outlines:
• Infrastructure used.
• The Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works.
• Type and capacity of the turbine and the generation capacity.
• The impact of the project.
The challenges during the trial period:
• Pipeline pressure variations influencing the generation output.
• Variable supply and demand between Hydropower and Office building.
• Changeover between the Electrical Supply Utility and Hydropower.
• Optimum use on the generated power for the office.
The solutions on the challenges faced:
• Protection and automation using PLC technology
• Development of an automated changeover panel
• Remote control, data capture and reporting

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