Kaye Cavanagh

Kaye Cavanagh

Kaye Cavanagh, Australia

Kaye Cavanagh is the Principal Officer (Natural Resources) at Ipswich City Council. Kaye has been actively involved in the delivery of multidisciplinary natural resource management and environmental sustainability programs at a local government level for over 20 years, and she is extremely passionate about supporting rising stars within the water and environment sector. A key focus has been on providing opportunities for young women and men to gain experience working in local government, which operates at the coal face with landowners and the community to get action happening at a local level. Kaye is also a Fellow and Board member of the Peter Cullen Trust which provides leadership programs for emerging leaders in the water and environment sector in Australia.

Presentation Title: Women in Water – real stories about the unique challenges for women in advancing through leadership positions.

The Peter Cullen Trust brings together stakeholders from across the water and environment sectors in Australia. The Trust’s mission of Bridging Science, People, and the Environment reflects the philosophy that respectful, informed and meaningful collaboration is the key to responsible and sustainable intergenerational water management.
A core purpose of the Trust is to carry on the legacy of Prof. Peter Cullen AO through the Science to Policy Leadership Program. This innovative and forward-thinking Program is instrumental in identifying and supporting mid-career ‘rising stars’ within Australia’s water sector. The Leadership Program challenges participants to stretch themselves personally and professionally, thereby enabling them to make a real difference in their chosen water-related field.
Now in its eighth successful year, the Leadership Program has inspired the commencement of the first Women in Water Leadership Program in 2017. This Program successfully sought to develop leadership skills in women from diverse backgrounds who are working in water and catchment management. Women who are passionate about working with, and leading, others to make a real difference in water resource management in Australia are encouraged to participate. They engaged in leadership activities that challenged them mentally, physically and emotionally, allowing them to explore their inner strengths and ability to help build capacity for a more diverse approach and thinking to water management.
This presentation will showcase the dedication and drives of women who have participated in the Trust’s Science to Policy Leadership Program within the past seven years, and through this, have used their leadership strength in initiating this program to further support rising female leaders. Their stories will reflect the personal journeys of female leaders in the Australian water sector and open up the discussion for bridging the gap in women representation in leadership positions.

Presented by Kim Markwell

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