Lucy Cameron and Siwan Lovett

Lucy Cameron and Siwan Lovett

Lucy Cameron, Australia.
Lucy is a Senior Planner at Glenelg Hopkins CMA, located in south-west Victoria, Australia. Her 15 year career in waterway management has been diverse, but predominantly spent improving the geomorphology and riparian zones of the Glenelg River. More recently, Lucy co-founded the Waterway Management Twinning Program with Adam Bester, from Glenelg Hopkins CMA, and Siwan Lovett of the Australian River Restoration Centre.

Dr Siwan Lovett,Australia.
Siwan co-founded the Waterway Management Twinning Program with Lucy Cameron and Adam Bester from the Glenelg Hopkins CMA. She is passionate about supporting people and creating networks of support and inspiration for everyone involved in waterway management. She is Director of the not-for-profit Australian River Restoration Centre, manages the on-ground Rivers of Carbon program, and co-facilitates the Peter Cullen Trust Science to Policy and Women in Water Leadership Programs. She also facilitates the Waterway Management Twinning Program.

Presentation Title:An ear to listen and time to ponder: experiences and insights from the Victorian Waterway Management Twinning Program.

The International River Foundation’s (IRF) Twinning Program uses the knowledge and expertise of Riverprize winners to promote the sustainable management of waterways in other communities and locations. It does this by supporting the pairing of Riverprize winning organisations with another community, or organisation, involved in the management of rivers and watersheds, to form long-term, peer-to-peer working relationships. Glenelg Hopkins CMA won the Australian Riverprize in 2013 and, in a novel approach, has used the ‘Twinning’ allocation of its prize money to establish a State-wide mentoring and professional development program for Victorian waterway management practitioners. The program, the Waterway Management Twinning Program, is jointly run by Glenelg Hopkins CMA and the Australian River Restoration Centre. Within the program, up to 18 people from different organisations are paired into mentoring partnerships, to work on the delivery of a specific river health related project of the mentee. Additionally, all participants convene at several workshops, for knowledge sharing and professional development. The Waterway Management Twinning Program fills a gap commonly experienced in the industry – it gives people the time to learn from each other, beyond the usual a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation, about successful approaches to waterway management. It also provides participants the necessary time and opportunity to establish lasting, authentic relationships and collaborative networks. The initial Twinning project was so successful that the Victorian Government has committed funds to keep the Waterway Management Twinning Program running, ensuring that the legacy of the IRF’s Twinning Program continues in this state of Australia. This presentation will share the approach of the program as well as participant’s stories of being involved. It will also provide insights into how a program focusing on people can result in positive, lasting waterway management outcomes. More information can be found by visiting

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