Marisa Hossick

Marisa Hossick

Marisa Hossick, United States

Marisa Hossick is the Outreach Manager for the Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) in Bend, Oregon. For the past 7 years, Marisa has worked on engaging the DRC’s audience through storytelling, photography, marketing, social media, graphic design as well as strategic fundraising and management. Marisa is also a professional photographer and uses her skills to document the beauty of the Deschutes Basin.

Presentation Title: Environmental flow restoration, a compelling story. Keep it simple.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the technical details when informing the community about the need for and the progress in environmental flow restoration. Sometimes the problem isn’t obvious, the solutions complex, and the measurements of outcomes and success can make a non-technical supporter’s eyes glass over. Getting bogged down in the details can lose your audience. We are living in a time where environmental news is all around us – and so much of it devastating. We are increasingly running the risk of speaking to a numb audience. The overflow of information is now making our lives more disconnected from what happens in the outside world. As we continue to talk about restoration projects, it’s time to look at communicating in a different way. If we don’t teach people to love our natural places, why would they care about our work? Stories create empathy and encourage disconnected people to emotionally engage. We need to inspire people to pass on those stories to others, especially our children. Studies have shown that younger generations are disengaging from current environmental reporting. Children and young adults need to understand and learn the value of nature to step into the roles we need them to fill in the future. By using storytelling and charismatic partners to highlight our impact on the ground, we have the opportunity to motivate and inspire people to take action and support our work. Deschutes River Conservancy outreach makes a case for storytelling using easy steps to turn technical projects into personal and inspiring stories.

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