Mark Kennard

Mark Kennard

Mark Kennard is a Principal Research Fellow in the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University. He is a freshwater ecologist specialising in hydro-ecology and environmental flow management. He currently leads several projects through the Australian Research Council and the National Environmental Science Program. He has a long-standing interest in the conservation and management of freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity in tropical rivers.

New Research To Support River Management In Northern Australia

Developing northern Australia is now seen by some governments as a national imperative. Recent studies have focussed on the agricultural potential of the region but there is an urgent need to improve the science underpinning planning and management to ensure that the environmental and cultural values of tropical rivers are maintained. An integrated research programme in northern Australia (under the National Environmental Science Programme) is improving the knowledge required to support better management decisions. In collaboration with diverse stakeholders, the research aims to understand the diversity of land and water values in the region, and incorporate these into water allocation and broader planning processes. This presentation will highlight the new research on ecological water requirements, Indigenous needs and knowledge, and the broader social and economic consequences of increased water use for development from across northern Australia. It will also demonstrate how this information will be used to improve water planning and management across northern Australia.

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