Matthew Brooks

Matthew Brooks

Matthew Brooks, Australia

Matthew Brooks the Geofabric Project Manager joined the Bureau Geofabric Team in August 2010. Matthew has previously worked at the Murray Darling Basin Authority and Dept. of Environment (within ERIN), providing database, content management and geospatial services support for environmental management programs since 1998. Matthew has a passion for providing GIS and data services that inform sustainable environmental initiatives and sound policy.

Presentation Title: Creating Stream gauging station catchment areas and routing networks using the Geofabric.

The Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (Geofabric) is a digital database of surface and groundwater features providing a spatial framework for water information in Australia. Designed for use with geographic information system (GIS) software, the Geofabric product suite registers the spatial relationships between important hydrologic features such as rivers, water bodies, wetlands, gauging stations and catchments. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how the Geofabric toolset and products are used to perform geospatial hydrological analysis of the flow of water throughout the nation to create customised catchments and river node link networks suitable for use in Hydrological modelling software, with case studies from state and commonwealth agencies. The use of the toolset together with the Geofabric removes the need to process large DEM datasets, in order to create customised catchments for multiple sites at a time, with links to the Bureau’s Water Data Online application enabling bulk download of gauging station time-series observations data. We will utilize two case studies, firstly Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology, Extended Hydrological Prediction hydrology reference stations; Australian Water Resource Assessment River modelling; and Flood Forecasting and Warning modelling catchments. And secondly NT Department of Land Resource Management (DLRM) uses the Geofabric toolset and products to delineate watersheds for stream gauges for entry of catchment areas in hydstra. Geofabric determination of catchment areas provided a transparent, consistent, repeatable and visual verifiability of catchment area values. We will also provide an update on the Geofabric project, including functionality and release schedule of version 3 Geofabric products based on the 1 second DEM and best available mapped hydrological features.

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