Mick Callan

Mick Callan

Mick Callan, Australia

Mick Callan is the Project Support Officer for the Central West Councils Environment & Waterways Alliance where he works with 18 member councils across the Central West of NSW to develop, implement and review environmental projects, as well as organising capacity building events such as meetings, registered training, forums, workshops and conferences. Mick has previously worked in Local Government as Environmental Programs Coordinator with Bathurst Regional Council and has a history of implementing award winning environmental projects including “Racing to Save the Mount Panorama Woodlands” and “Protecting and Connecting Bathurst Copper Butterfly Habitat”. Mick is the current Jo Ross Memorial Award winner for contribution to the environment of the Bathurst Region and has qualifications in both Forestry and Management and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Ornithology.

Presentation Title:Environment & Waterways Alliance: a model of engagment.

The Central West Councils Environment & Waterways Alliance is a model of collaboration within Local Government and the communities that the 18 Member Councils support. With funding from Central Tablelands and Central West Local Land Services the Alliance is able to deliver on-ground environmental outcomes as well as capacity building events for our Member Councils and communities.

This unique partnership takes a whole of catchment approach to the 120,000km2 of land within the Alliance region with a fundamental belief that on-ground works and knowledge building within the community are essential to providing strong, long-term environmental outcomes. As well as the Member Councils of the Alliance, the group also partners with other organisations to increase the reach of education; deliver current best practice information; and to deliver on-ground projects. Partners include the parent organisations – Central Tablelands and Central West Local Land Services – Landcare groups, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, Splash Network, 202020 Vision, Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, IPWEA, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, and Field Naturalist groups.

The broad range of outcomes that the Alliance has delivered on in recent years include capacity building events:

  • Stormwater 2015: best management practice stormwater conference, Dubbo
  • Hollows for Habitat Forums
  • Sediment & Erosion Control Training
  • IPWEA Project Management Training
  • Quarterly meetings with guest presenters

Additionally, on-ground works have included:

  • Construction of biofiltration stormwater systems
  • Riparian management projects across the Macquarie, Bell and Lachlan Rivers and their tributaries including weed control, re-snagging, revegetation and removal of barriers to fish passage
  • Floating Habitat Island construction
  • Superb Parrot hollow augmentation project
  • Stormwater wetland construction and wetland rehabilitation projects
  • Community Planting Day events

The Alliance delivers on a 5 Year Plan, is supported by a full time Project Support Officer and works from a sustainable funding model based on Member Council contributions scaled to LGA population base.

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