Mitsuru Abe

Mitsuru Abe

I am an expert in civil engineering and plant sociology, and I have been working on measures for tree management in river channels, regeneration of gravel rivers, conservation and restoration of river environments such as measures against alien species, basic data collection etc. over 10 years at Japan Riverfront Research Center. In recent years, I focus on research on revitalizing urban city utilizing rivers.

Community Development Integrating Riverfront Use In The City Of Okazaki Japan

Okazaki City, Aichi prefecture in Japan, is a representative city in western Mikawa region, with Yahagi River running north-south and its tributary Otsu River flowing east-west, making the city a waterfront-rich environment. Particularly, the Otsu River, after running through the heart of the city, merging with the Yahagi River, is well liked by the people in Okazaki, making it a representative river there.

Currently, Okazaki City is developing its community integrating riverfronts of the Otsu River that runs through the heart of the city. This area encompasses Okazaki Castle, in which Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu was born and the city is well developed as a castle town in the Edo period and also as a post town, it flourished as a busy area in Okazaki.

However, most recently, the city is losing its strength it used to show, making the heart of the city hollow. Okazaki is putting tourism as one of their pillars of its industry, trying to bring the strength full of prosperity. To start off, the city is face-lifting comprehensively the city entrance around Otsu River. This presentation will introduce community building integrating riverfront in the center of Okazaki City.

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