Michael Linde

Michael Linde

Michael Linde works at the Port of Brisbane as a Senior Environment Advisor.

An Innovative Approach To Sediment Modelling At The Port Of Brisbane

The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) and Seaport OPX Pty Ltd (SOPL) have developed a unique sediment forecasting tool through a novel approach to modelling. The presentation details achievements to date and the future of sediment modelling.

The Port of Brisbane is situated at the mouth of Brisbane River and on the boundary of Moreton Bay Marine Park; both are impacted by sediment flows, primarily from channel and gully erosion in the Lockyer Valley. Researchers at the University of Queensland have demonstrated that the extent of Moreton Bay dominated by mud expanded by 400km2 from 1970-2015. The mud also has a financial impact on PBPL who is responsible for maintaining safe navigable channels.

PBPL and SOPL have reduced dredging requirements and environmental impact at the Port of Brisbane by using the Port’s shipping channel as a living laboratory to develop the worlds’ most advanced under keel clearance technology NCOS Online (Nonlinear Channel Optimisation Simulator system). NCOS uses forecasted and real time environmental data, vessel specifications and transit information to improve understanding of under keel clearance, reduce uncertainty and therefore reduce dredging requirements. The model has been expanded to include a decade of PBPL’s hydrographic survey and dredging data and catchment flow data (from gauging stations throughout the Brisbane River catchment). The model provides a predictive sediment forecasting tool that allows PBPL, based on historical and real time data, to estimate the level of siltation in a channel since prior hydrographic surveys and to predict future levels of siltation based on range of scenarios. This allows PBPL to more efficiently deploy survey and dredging resources and reduce environmental impacts. The model is aslo planned to be used as a scientific research tool.

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