Nathan Johnston

Nathan Johnston

Nathan Johnston is current Executive Officer with the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health and has 18 years’ experience in the water sector.


Environmental Report Cards are increasingly recognised as a powerful tool employed to communicate complex science in a simple and clear format to community and decision makers alike. The problem is that traditionally many of the methods required to prepare, assess and publish annual environmental report cards have relied heavily on repetitive manual processes that employ specialist technical assessment and design skills. Without a committed collective and a secure long term income stream, these annual report card initiatives often run for a while before money dries up. Some do not even get beyond the concept stage.

To overcome this problem, Fitzroy Partnership for River Health have progressively automated their annual environmental report card assessment and publishing process. This has reduced production costs, reduced human error and freed up funding that has then been redirected into automation of secondary online waterway reporting products and other priorities. Fitzroy Partnership for River Health have taken this innovation journey one step further and now help other environmental report card initiatives to overcome similar problems through the Enviroscore Online offering.

In this session the history of innovation will be explored that has led to Enviroscore Online being created. This will include the unveiling of the most recent version of an online end-to-end report card development, assessment and publishing solution, which is particularly relevant for waterway and river health monitoring and reporting initiatives, operating both in Australia and Internationally. The session will also explore how water practitioners can begin to create their own internal automated solutions for repetitive technical processes. The first part of this session will be devoted to identifying potential opportunities and then this will be followed by exploring progressive developmental goals that facilitate a transition from manual processes to application of automated approaches.


View the 2018 presentation here

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