Nobuyuki Tsuchiya

Nobuyuki Tsuchiya

Engaged in roads, bridges, sewerage, urban planning as a civil engineer in Tokyo Metropolitan Government for 40 years. Worked on restoration of urban rivers, worked on making the waterways of Ichinoe Sakaigawa and Shinkawa rivers located in the eastern part of Tokyo. Currently responsible for regional planning to connect rivers and cities incl. disaster prevention. In addition, I have been in charge of the chairperson of the Japan River Restoration Network (JRRN), one of the domestic networks of Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN).

Urban River Restoration From Devastating Water Pollution in Tokyo, Japan

This presentation introduces some cases of urban river restoration about half a century in Tokyo, such as the Sumida River, Furukawa Shinsui River Park etc. incl. background of devastating water pollution caused by people’s lives along the urban rivers. In the restoration project at Ichinoe Sakaigawa and Shinkawa rivers located in the eastern part of Tokyo, the activities of about 8,000 volunteer citizens have raised, aiming for maintenance pipelines such as rivers, streets and parks through cooperation with citizens. That named this as the “Adaptive System”, and it is still continuing our activities.

In particular, this presentation focuses on the efforts of restoration by local residents who once destroyed the river. Key challenges include the participation of various parties, voluntary participation of citizens, creation of a good system for continuity and motivation for restoration as incentive, etc.

In addition, this presentation also introduces some side effects in which promoting community participation in river restoration contributes to the strengthening of regional water disaster prevention capabilities.

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