Oliver Maennicke

Oliver Maennicke

Oliver Maennicke, Australia

Oliver Maennicke, Master’s in Water Resource Management from Dresden University of Technology, Germany joined WWF International in 2012 and has been working within water stewardship- and corporate relation teams, managing the development of WWF Water Risk Filter (WRF) project. He supports and works with the user of the WRF, a spatial water risk assessment tool for SMEs, multinational companies and the finance sector to understand financial risk related to water issues within their operations, supply chains and investment portfolios. Oliver works with the wider WWF Network and external stakeholders to inform the industry and finance sector on building their water strategy, enabling them to be a good water stewardship both on corporate as well as on the basin level. He and his team will re-launch the WWF Water Risk Filter in the coming months with improved risk assessment, valuation and mitigation response functionality.

Presentation Title: Relaunching the WWF Water Risk Filter – Using spatial water risk assessment to inform water stewardship strategy on corporate-, site and basin level

Over the past years, WWF’s Water Stewardship program is representing thought leadership in improving perspectives on business risks related to water issues and in developing pathways to mitigate and manage economic water challenges. Water stewardship is not about defining “no-go”-zones for business but about recognizing opportunities and developing strategic approaches to address water risks with particular focus on collective action, ultimately influencing governance. Since 2012 WWF’s innovative and evolving Water Risk Filter, and online public access platform, developed in collaboration with DEG (the German Development Bank), has been used by a growing user community of companies, consultants and financial institutions assessing facilities, investment portfolios and commodity sourcing locations around the world. Gaining comprehensive knowledge of water related impact, from facility to board level, provides the entry point to understand water risks to business operations. This approach initiates the prioritisation process for risk mitigation actions on corporate and facility (i.e. internal action) as well as basin level (i.e. collective action). The Water Risk Filter is WWF’s key innovative spatial mapping and analysis tools for business engagement on water issues on portfolio and supply chain level. The tool will be re-launched in Q3 2017 with a complete new user interface, functionality and the addition of various higher resolutions regional water risk data sets. Additionally, the interlinkage of water risk issues to management, mitigation, certification and disclosure pathways will be strengthened to provide users the ability to be a more informed and committed water stewards, particularly in geographies with the most challenging water issues. The presentation will focus on the how the tool will help user to strengthen their ability to assess large quantities of (spatial-) information in context of water related issues, from within and outside their business, joining them together to inform water stewardship strategy and positive impact.

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