Ravindu Anjana Thuda Hewage

Ravindu Anjana Thuda Hewage

I am an undergraduate following a B.Sc. Hons degree on Biotechnology at the Faculty of Science, Horizon Campus, Malabe. I am following water resources and water modelling for my final year research project. Also, I work as a Naturalist and my interests are on water resources and wildlife conservation.

Soil Loss Estimation From The Upper Kelani River Catchment, Sri Lanka.

Soil erosion is a major concern all over the world as it affects major livelihoods such as agriculture. Sri Lanka is a developing country that highly depends on agriculture and increase in soil erosion would indirectly affect the country’s economy. Therefore, this study was conducted with an objective of determining the soil erosion from the upper catchment of the Kelani river using the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE). Arc GIS 10.2.2 commercial software was used to calculate the soil loss from the catchment. Rainfall-runoff factor, soil erodibility factor, LS factor (topographic factor), Cover and management factor was obtained from the GIS land use model of Sri Lanka. Support practice factor was extracted from the DEM and p values assigned accordinglyAccording to the results the average soil loss is 283 tons/km2/year. Results indicates that the soil erosion at the upper catchment is comparatively low. However, as a result of urbanization and other anthropological activities, there is a risk of increasing the soil erosion. Therefore, proper soil conservation and management plans must be continued and the land use of the Upper Kelani River Catchment should be protected as a model/demonstration of proper landuse practice in the highlands of Sri Lanka.           

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