Stephen Packer

Stephen Packer

Stephen Packer, Australia

EPA Staff member

Presentation Title: Writing a Water Quality Improvement Plan for the Mount Lofty Ranges – How to get improvement when there is no perceived problem?

If we get 60% of Adelaide’s drinking water and a large proportion of food, vegetables, fruit, and milk and wine, from the Mount Lofty Ranges Watershed, then how can the water quality be bad? There are many challenges in writing a document to manage water quality when there are so many opinions, established paradigms, no trigger for change, and, most importantly, no perceived problems with water quality from those most involved with the management of the watershed. How do you get buy in when the finger gets pointed at everyone, including the EPA? You must have a driver for a major project, something that engages everyone, residents, industry and government at all levels so they want to see change and can understand what is affecting them. The Mount Lofty Ranges Watershed Water Quality Improvement Plan is now close to being published. It is a guide for water quality management across an area of diverse community, industry, and land use. How did we get to the final product?

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