Vishnu Pandey

Vishnu Pandey

Vishnu is a Researcher at IWMI-Nepal. He has worked in Japan, Thailand, and Nepal. Before joining IWMI, he was a Research Fellow and Affiliated Faculty at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. He has received several awards and fellowships and published more than forty peer-reviewed articles in international journals, four books, several book chapters, and conference papers. His research and professional interests are in the areas of hydrology and water resources, groundwater assessment and management, irrigation water management, and GIS application in water resources planning and management, among others. Vishnu received PhD from University of Japan and M.Eng. from AIT.

Enhancing Resiliency of Water Resources Systems Through Knowledge Generation and Efficient Use

Changing weather pattern, long-term climate, and associated impacts in various sectors have triggered the discussion on “resilient systems” since quite some time. Resiliency of a system can be achieved by understanding the status, analysing the root causes, and developing adequate capacity and awareness to tackle those causes. In case of water resources, it stands for understanding spatio-temporal distribution of water availability and demands, and promoting efficient use through both demand-side and supply-side management. State of the art modelling tools are generally developed to simulate hydrological systems as well as analyse their sensitivities under various plausible scenarios. On the other hand, demand-side can be managed by using multi-use water systems (MUS) to maximize the benefits from the same scheme, and enhancing water productivity by means of efficient irrigation technologies as well as appropriate agronomic practices, among others.

This paper discusses the resiliency of water resources systems in Western Nepal, by introducing ongoing efforts towards knowledge generation, multiple-usage of water systems, and techno-social interventions for enhancing water productivity and farmer’s profitability.

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