Will Mooney

Will Mooney

Will Mooney, Australia

Will Mooney is Executive Officer for the Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN).

Presentation Title: ‘This is our inherent right’. Reflecting on 10 years of advocacy for water justice: achievements, challenges and future directions.

November 2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of the Echuca Declaration – a ground-breaking statement by First Nations from along the Murray River that defined the concept of Cultural Flows. As an intervention in the discourse of water management, Cultural Flows has worked as an effective, provocative and sometimes contested concept. It has been recognised in policy and legislation at the State and Commonwealth levels and debated by researchers, communities and decision makers. After ten years, the concept of Cultural Flows still fills a crucial role in highlighting key areas of ‘unfinished business’ in Australian water reform. MLDRIN has pursued and promoted Cultural Flows as a fundamental objective underpinning water justice for First Nations’. In this presentation MLDRIN Directors and staff will provide an overview of achievements and challenges since the Echuca Declaration in 2007. The presenters will review disagreements and divergent approaches to deploying language about Aboriginal water rights. They will reflect on progress towards achieving Cultural Flows and explore remaining barriers and complexities. Referencing developments over a decade of water reform, presenters will provide an analysis of the detailed strategy for achieving water justice contained in the Echuca Declaration. Presenters will highlight current projects, policies and international precedents that offer practical pathways to realising key components of the Declaration.

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