2018 Program – Engagement, Inclusiveness and Ethics

  1. Marie Aislinn Cabriole, Philippines: Building Bridges with the Pasig River community 
  2. Hari Gurung, Nepal: Inclusive engagement of vulnerable river basin communities in riverbed farming improves economic leadership 
  3. Kangkanika Neog, India: A framework for water resource planning through community engagement: A case of inter-state boundary conflict in India
  4. Socheata Sim, Cambodia: Inclusive Civil Society Participation in Water Governance in the Mekong
  5. Sean Phillipson, Australia: Delivering priorities for the Gippsland lakes through partnerships
  6. Jeff Loux, USA: The Truckee River Basin: Collaboration out of Necessity
  7. Daniela Lehner, Chile: Participatory research of public space in the fluvial landscape of the city of Valdivia, Chile. 
  8. Sylvester P. Harris, Liberia: Enhancing integrated river management for sustainable communities development, long-term sustainability, healthy river ecosystem, capacity building.
  9. Farah Kabir, Bangladseh: Water and Environmental Management Crisis in Rohingya Camps