Resilient Rivers: Communities, Climate and Biodiversity

Rivers are the lifeblood of communities, cities and industries around the world but as they are challenged by our twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, lives and livelihoods suffer. Together we can change this.

We are giving rivers a voice in the UN Decade of Action – Water for Sustainable Development and UN Decade of Action for Ecosystem Resilience

There are a number of ways to get involved.

Bringing our theme to life


Presentation Themes

Workshop Themes

Format: 15-minute PresentationFormat: In depth workshops/discussions/forum (1.5 - 3 hours)
Basin Cities Dialogue
Exploring the connectivity between river basins and urban areas including the relationships between and stories of rivers, biodiversity, communities, business, government and infrastructure (e.g. river cities and ports).
  • Deliberative Democracy and Shared Governance
  • Indigenous Perspectives on River Management
  • Making the Voice of Rivers Heard
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Rivers and Transport
  • Rivers, Agriculture and Food
Water Security and Equity
Going beyond SDG 6 to explore the connecting role that rivers play in delivering the equaity and security for all embodied in the 17 sustainable Development Goals.
  • Climate Adaptation
  • River Extremes (Fires and Flood)
  • Resilient Infrastructure and Place Based Design on Rivers
  • Financing Climate Resilience for Rivers and Communities
Healthy Rivers - Healthy Lives
Exploring the interdependence between rivers, human health, well-being and the role of reducing harmful pollutants (from plastics to pharmaceuticals) restoring resilience (e.g. cultural and environmental flows, nature-based solutions) and enabling access, amenity and lifestyles.
  • Nature Based Solutions
  • Wetlands and Restoration
  • Water - Energy - Food Connecting - Rivers
  • Connecting - Rivers, Estuaries and Biospheres
  • Financing Biodiversity and Restoration
Connectedness and Partnerships
Reflecting on, celebrating and planning the ways in which we can come together across community, business and government to make our rivers resilient.
River Science and Technology
  • Innovation in Monitoring and Management (e.g. Data, AI, etc.)

About the International RiverFoundation

The International RiverFoundation drives the restoration, protection and sustainable management of the world’s rivers.

Water is crucial for all life—and we need healthy rivers, lakes and wetlands for sustainable development. We promote and support effective management of these resources by facilitating knowledge sharing, education and best practice river basin management, and by recognising and rewarding those making a difference.

We champion an integrated approach to river basin management, and work to revive the world’s rivers through multi-sector partnerships around the world. We are committed to achieving positive ecological, economic and social outcomes through our programs, which have a life-changing impact on individuals and communities around the world.