2018 Program – Technology Innovation in Restoration and Monitoring

  1. Nathaniel Parker, Australia: Applying drone tech to river restoration, design monitoring and reporting 
  2. Brian Jackson,  Australia: An innovative water control room for the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority – Turning data into information and knowledge
  3. Klaus Joehnk, Australia: Scaling up water quality simulations in space and time 
  4. Nathan Johnston, Australia: Streamlining and automating environmental Reporting 
  5. Ben Hammill, Australia. Cheaper by choice: The hunt for affordable nitrogen sensors 
  6. Daryl Albertson, Australia: The Gingham Watercourse – How a biplane aided restoration 
  7. Yi Lu, Australia: Utilising Remote Sensing Techniques to Identify Irrigated Crop Areas and Off River Storages 
  8. David Reid Australia: Development of metrics and an electronic platform to allow rapid visual assessment of urban streams for multiple values