Melissa Kennedy

Melissa Kennedy

CEO Tati Tati Kaiejin, Tati Tati Aboriginal Water Officer

Melissa Kennedy is a Tati Tati woman from the Murray River Country in North-West Victoria

As co-founder and CEO of Tati Tati Kaiejin, a grass-roots Indigenous owned and operated not-for-profit organisation, Melissa’s aim is to uplift First Nations people and support sustainable environmental practices through the progression, restoration and replenishment of culture and Country.

Also holding the position of Tati Tati Aboriginal Water Officer, Melissa’s role in the community includes supporting river restoration projects, creating spaces for traditional knowledge gathering and sharing, as well as engaging with various environmental stakeholders to progress Tati Tati water and landcare objectives.

Recently starting on as a Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne’s Centre of Excellence Places Program, Melissa’s focus is on better understanding and documenting the relationship between water (Cultural Flows) and Indigenous wellbeing over the lifecourse, with a view to enabling policy change and empowering local Indigenous stakeholders.