Water Stewardship:  A market-driven solution to shared catchment water challenges

Water Stewardship:  A market-driven solution to shared catchment water challenges








Date: Monday, 18 September
Time: 10.30am-12.00pm

This session will illustrate the evolution of AWS Water Stewardship since the release of the International Water Stewardship Standard in 2014.  It will show how the system is being applied to industrial pollution and supply chain management in China, how it is engaging small-holders in addressing non-point-source pollution of a Marine National Park in Victoria, how it is working with large and small land and water managers in the Murray Darling Basin and, its potential for application to the Great Barrier Reef.  AWS Water Stewardship is a voluntary system that engages corporate and private water users in addressing shared catchment challenges.  It encourages continuous improvement in land and water management and collaboration between water users, governments, community groups and other water users.  At a time when global water stress is increasing, it offers larger organisations a framework for managing water risk, smaller landholders a focus for action and governments an opportunity to engage water users in low-capital, efficient solutions.


10:30 Introduction – Michael Spencer, Chair Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)
10:40 Voluntary water stewardship in China – Zhenzhen Xu, AWS Asia-Pacific
10:55 Engaging small landholders on non-point-source pollution – Lance Lloyd, Western Port Biosphere
11:10 Building water stewardship in the Murray Darling Basin – Megan McLeod, AWS Australia
11:25 Water stewardship framework for the Great Barrier Reef – Fiona Chandler, Alluvium
11:40 Discussion: Common themes in the lessons learned


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