Bill Williamson

Bill Williamson

Bill Williamson, Australia

From 2013 Bill has worked in the Sustaining the Basin Irrigated Farm Modernisation Program which creates water savings for both irrigators and the environment. Bill has extensive experience in irrigation and crop management in commercial farming. Prior to working with NSW DPI, he has worked as an irrigation agronomist in cotton, winegrapes and citrus and grown cotton in Central Asia. As part of the NSW DPI engagement with the Cooperative Research Centre for Irrigation Futures up to 2010, Bill was responsible for engaging with industry and management of the Toolkits program. Bill has skills in research, GIS, development, project management and a working knowledge of water policy. M: 0427 660 618 E:

Presentation Title: A Win Win on the Creation of New Water for Environmental Flows

The Northern Murray Darling Basin of NSW has an established water management system and the conventional thinking is that all possible water has been categorised. However the Sustaining the Basin Irrigated Farm Modernisation Program (STBIFM) is identifying new water that provides benefits to both farmers and the environment. Water rights are maintained and at the same time real water available for crop production and environmental purposes is increased. The environment benefits from the recovery of 32 gigalitres of new water. Irrigated crop production will benefit from 10 gigalitres of available new water. STBIFM has achieved substantial engagement with communities of irrigators in all its target valleys and sub-project success rates are near 100%.  The program demonstrates adaptive management in delivering strategic outcomes for the national water reform effort.

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