Carole Sweatman

Carole Sweatman

Carole Sweatman, Australia

Presentation Title: A water quality project for productive, profitable communities and a healthy reef.

The Wet Tropics Major Integrated Project (MIP) is founded on the belief that long term change and sustainable communities must come from the hearts and minds of the people of the Wet Tropics. In a first for reef water quality projects, the MIP is a place based planning approach.  The recently completed six-month design phase has closely involved landholders, industry, community, agencies, natural resource management, researchers and investors in shaping a program that is based on passion, knowledge and local ownership. The project will implement five integrated activity areas including catchment repair, extension, local water quality monitoring, community wide engagement and new investment/funding models.  The project design has been assessed as world class and we are now commencing the 3-year implementation phase aiming to build on strong grass roots participation and continue the momentum and community ownership of the project.

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