Akira Wada

Akira Wada

I used to work as civil engineer on river management in Japan and developing countries in Asia for about 10 years. Currently I have been in charge of the secretariat of the Japan River Restoration Network (JRRN), one of the domestic network of Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN), since 2007 as a program coordinator for capacity building and exchanging knowledge/technical information on river restoration in Japan and Asian countries.

Capacity Building for River Management Through Community Based “Collaborative Nature Restoration” in Japan

“Collaborative Nature Restoration” that meets the three conditions, 1) efforts are undertaken on a scale of funds that can be self-sourced, 2) diverse entities collaborate, 3) repair and removal are easy, is gaining attention in Japan as a means of restoring natural environment of rivers and strengthening the local community. In 2014, “Basic Policy for Nature Restoration” based on the “Law for the Promotion of Nature Restoration” was revised by Ministry of the Environment Japan, and the promotion of Collaborative Nature Restoration was newly added as one of important way to promote further nature restoration.

In this presentation, the outline of Collaborative Nature Restoration in rivers, side effects such as environmental education and regional revitalization, and safety considerations for implementation will be instructed firstly.

Subsequently, along with the introduction of some cases nationwide in Japan, the object of nature restoration and the applied technology will be indicated.

Finally, with the aim of capacity building in river management through the spread of Collaborative Nature Restoration throughout Japan, developing tools for case studies materials, databases and public relations media, and practical training program through workshops and on-site exercises for citizens, engineers, and administrative officials etc. will be introduced.

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