Anaru Begbie

Anaru Begbie

Anaru Begbie, New Zealand

A land and water management specialist with rural research, consulting, NGO and local and state government policy/implementation experience. My research and policy development interests include the design and evaluation of integrated land use/environmental impacts, catchment management and flood risk management strategies. Through an extensive national and international network, I also facilitate knowledge exchange collaborations with flood risk management a current focus – with a bonus link to Dutch water professionals.

Presentation Title: Collaboration to build capacity, insight and desired water futures

Out of a crisis of state-wide flooding across Queensland in 2011, a collective of diverse professionals have developed an enduring collaboration platform that shares skills, resources and experiences to build capacity to create resilience and proactively manage water futures; offers ideas and visions that provide an integrated perspective too often missing when dealing with complex water challenges; and builds leadership and partnerships that creatively and confidently engage on water, catchments and river management. The collective has a diverse set of capabilities ranging from architecture, emergency management, agriculture, engineering, urban design, economics, water supply and treatment, catchment and river management, stormwater and flood management and surveying.  This wide spectrum of skills and varied professional responsibilities ensures that river, catchment and water management issues are considered from many perspectives. As a catalyst to facilitate collaboration between government and business agencies and to enable international experiences to also be considered, an alliance with Dutch-Queensland water professionals was established.  This approach has enabled the strengths of AUS-NED experiences to be shared between parties, and locally has triggered activity in SouthEast Queensland with a focus on the Brisbane River catchment. Thus far, engagement with over 550 professionals has enabled seminars, workshops and field trips to share experiences in flood risk and water management; a future hypothetical of a 2036 Brisbane River major flood and what 10 guest speakers believed could have done to minimise the impacts; developing a vision for the water management futures of the Brisbane River through a 5-day design charrette workshop where ideas were drawn and the concepts of a regional fluvial transect distilled the future needs; hosting a Resilient Urban Deltas and Floodplains Summit in conjunction with a Royal visit from the Dutch King and Queen to Australia; and influencing and capacity building for SEQ that enables greater community resilience.


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