Arran Corbett

Arran Corbett

Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

Application Of New Technologies For Timely, Reliable Water Data

Improvements in instrumentation, telemetry solutions and novel approaches to streamflow measurement have been evaluated and deployed in Queensland to support the sustainable management of our water resources.  Queensland is now seen as a world-leader in the adoption of indirect measurement of streamflow utilising video images collected from fixed cameras or lightweight drones – a technique know as image velocimetry.

In addition, Queensland Government has been trialling the use of telemetry solutions based on the Internet of Things, and a range of lower-cost water measurement devices for use in remote locations.  The rapid expansion of low-cost, yet reliable measurement devices, offers significant cost benefits for the operations of an ISO-certified monitoring network by Queensland Government, but equally provides water users access to affordable on-farm measurement devices.  With a focus on improved quality and timeliness of data to support water management in Queensland, the underpining technology options will be a key driver of the way forward.

This paper will provide a summary of these new devices and measurement techniques being trialled and adopted by Queensland Government, and outline the benefits to water users, water managers and the wide community in gaining access to near-real time water data.  The challenges of operating water measurement networks in rural and remote areas will be highlighted by the lessons learnt in delivering a quality assured measurement network under Queensland highly variable climatic and river conditions.

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