Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp, Canada.

Graduated from Fleming College (Lindsay, ON) in 1987 with a diploma in Forest Recreation, specializing in Outdoor Education.

Have worked in many facets of the environmental field including; forestry, stream degradation studies, public awareness/community relations, park management planning, Conservation Area development and maintenance, land securement, as well as outdoor environmental education.

Currently General Manager – Conservation Lands at Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) – leading a team of dedicated conservationists that are committed to the protection and restoration of the Lake Simcoe watershed.

In 2011 became involved in an international twinning project in the Ayuquila-Armeria River Basin in Mexico and in 2013 became Project Lead. LSRCA is working with its twinning partners to share knowledge and best practices to promote integrated watershed management in the Ayuquila‐Armeria River Basin and to assist with the development of an integrated plan for the basin.

Presentation Topic: Twinning Success – Working Towards An Integrated Watershed Management Plan

In 2009 the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) located in Canada won the International RiverFoundation’s (IRF) Thiess International Riverprize for water management excellence. This award provided LSRCA with an opportunity to “twin”, or partner, with a developing country, sharing expertise in the areas of integrated watershed management, flood control, public participation, forestry, recreation and environmental stewardship. In 2011 the journey began with our “twin” – the Junta Intermunicipal de Medio Ambiente para la Gestión Integral de la Cuenca Baja del Rio Ayuquila (JIRA) and then quickly expanded in 2013 to include the Centro Universitario de la Costa Sur Universidad de Guadalajara (CUCSUR – University of Guadalajara) and the Watershed Commission of the Ayuquila-Armeria River (AAWC). Collectively the group established the following vision: LSRCA, JIRA, CUCSUR and AAWC are committed to partner to promote integrated watershed management in the Ayuquila-Armeria River Basin by developing twinning programs that will meet desired objectives and inspire positive social and environmental change in both countries. This presentation will provide participants with an overview of how this twinning project was successfully established and implemented and the many positive outcomes that have been achieved. When the journey began members of the team were committed to learning from each other, strengthening organizational initiatives and developing a long-term relationship in order to inspire local change. Specific topics that will be covered include: twinning program business plan and development of project missions, overview of the workshop approach to developing an integrated watershed management plan and the implementation strategy for achieving goals identified in the integrated plan. This presentation will provide participants with a case study of how to effectively implement a twinning project – including lessons learned along the way and adapting to changes in order to continue moving forward.

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