Chuansheng Guo

Chuansheng Guo

Senior Engineer in China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research. With a doctorate in engineering, I entered in IWHR in 2012 and now I have been working in the Sediment Research Institute for 7 years. My main research areas include hydrodynamics of river and estuaries.

Research Status and Trend of Qingshuigou Channel Harnessing Project in the Yellow River Estuary

The Yellow River is the second largest river in China and is known as the Mother River in China. This article introduced the sway situation of the Yellow River channel in the estuary area, reviewed the operating schemes of the channel into the sea including long-term stable operation. Using the method of data analyzing and theoretical discussion the practice and effect of Qingshuigou channel harnessing project was analyzed deeply. The result research shows that, the effect of Qingshuigou channel harnessing is obvious, the atrophy of tail channel becomes slower, the stability of tail channel is increased, the harm of sandbar is alleviated, and the service life of Qingshuigou channel is prolonged. The key scientific and technical issues that need to be solved including: feedback mechanism of the evolution of the Yellow River delta on upper reach, evaluation technology of comprehensive benefit on operating schemes of the channel into the sea. Finally, it presented decomposition and refinement of the research content by focusing attention and powerful propulsion recently.

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