Fiona Chandler

 Fiona Chandler

Fiona is a water and natural resource management practitioner with a diverse portfolio of government, research and private business experience across Australia and internationally. She currently heads up Alluvium’s North Queensland office.

The importance of creating urban places that are more liveable, productive, resilient and sustainable is rapidly growing around the world. But how do we ensure that the value of ours rivers and waterways are not lost in a race to create ‘smart’ cities of the future that focus on shaping the built form through advancements in technology and infrastructure?

The Australian-based Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) has recently developed a framework and tool that can assist a wide range of government and municipality scale stakeholders, including water authorities, ensure that their water resources and waterways in all their glorious forms are central to the design of more water sensitive cities.

At its core, the Water Sensitive Cities Index has helped characterise what a truly water sensitive city could entail. It does this by articulating a shared set of goals and indicators that can be used to establish a benchmark of current water sensitive performance. It also allows organisations to set targets and collaborate more effectively with other stakeholders by providing a common framework that fosters shared accountability for water and waterway-related policy, and develop integrated water and waterway management strategies that establish strong foundations and enabling environments. The result is a transparent, evidence-based pathway for an urban community’s transition to being more liveable, productive, resilient and sustainable.

This presentation will introduce the Water Sensitive Cities Index and provide examples of how cities and towns across Australia, the Pacific, and Asia are using the framework to coordinate and drive action towards their desired water sensitive future.

View 2018 Presentation here

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