Jamie Woods

Jamie Woods

Jamie Woods, Australia

Jamie woods,Ranger Toogimbie Indigenous Protected Area
Jamie has been the Ranger at Toogimbie since 2008 he has vast experience in land management and water management with Jamie overseeing the delivery of water onto the wetlands areas. Jamie lives on country with the wetlands right at his front door.he continues to work with our stakeholder for improved water and Land management Jamie also being the chair of the co-management Committee with National parks in the Hay area.

Tara Dixon, Project Officer Nari Nari Tribal council
Tara has been the Project Officer at NNTC since 2008, she has experience in running project and implementing monitoring projects on country for the community. Tara works closely with Jamie the Ranger to implement on ground works are carried out and planned.

Presentation Title: Our Water Our Way

Nari Nari Tribal Council (NNTC) were granted three properties by the Indigenous Land Corporation in 2000 – Toogimbie, Glenhope and Lorenzo. There are significant cultural heritage values, as well as old dry and previously chained wetland areas with water dependent cultural values within these properties. However, the properties were over stocked and overrun with noxious weeds. In 2004 part of Toogimbe was declared an Indigenous Protected Area. There is also a large irrigation area which runs alongside the Indigenous Protected Area with benefits for both the Irrigator and NNTC. NNTC and community set out restoring the land and wetlands over the past eighteen years. With the use of the Murrumbidgee cultural access licence within the 2003 Water Sharing Plan, Aboriginal people were granted 2150 ML of Water for Cultural uses. NNTC utilised the water to slowly restore the wetlands over the years and incurred the significant cost associated with the delivery of the water and in addition the pumping cost to lift the water out of the river and delivery it to the wetland areas. NNTC has set up monitoring sites across the wetlands with the help of Murray wetlands Working Group. This work has successfully incorporated the community, and the group reports to the community and external stakeholders. The wetlands have returned slowly to a vibrant landscape full of Cultural Values and Aboriginal Environmental outcomes. In 2015 NNTC started working with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO) for the delivery of water to the wetlands all year round. NNTC is looking at the possibility of entering into a long term agreement with CEWO for water onto Country. All work that is undertaking on Country is by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people benefits and outcomes, and we continue to work towards sustainable Cultural Flows allocation.

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