Jinyong Zhao

Jinyong Zhao

More than 17 years of experience as professionally qualified river engineer. Research fields include:river and stream restoration, water environment treatment. China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research.

The Construction and Restoration Effect of Heituwa Wetland System on Yongding River in Beijing

The Heituwa Wetland System was constructed in September 2003 and completed in April 2004, located near the entrance of the  Guanting Reservoir on Yongding River in Beijing. Considering fully the favorable topography of the Heituwa trench, with the principles of ecological engineering, the wetland system utilizes non-polluting and high-efficiency wetland technology to treat the contaminated Yongding River storage water body. The Heituwa wetland system consists of two parts: the stable pond and the constructed wetland. The Yongding River water enters the stable pond through the diversion culvert. After the initial purification, one part of the water is directly stored in the reservoir, and the other part is further processed into the constructed wetland for advanced treatment. The project is of great significance for intercepting sewage and improving the water quality of Guanting Reservoir. It is also a technical exploration for constructing a wetland system in the cold areas to treat micro-polluted water bodies in rivers.

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