Peter Morison

Peter Morison

Peter Morison is an environmental and social scientist with over twenty years of experience working waterways and land management. Peter is the NSW Regional Manager of Alluvium Consulting and is based in Sydney.

Australia is a world leader in urban growth.  With a projected national population of 36 million by 2050, its cities will continue to expand and urbanise.  Melbourne will reach a population of eight million by 2050, doubling in its population over 35 years.  Sydney will also reach a population of 8 million by 2050.  With such unprecedented urban growth in these megacities, what will their urban rivers look like and how will they function?

In attempting to answer this question, we consider their environmental and social values both now and those trending into the future, and how such can be managed for the ongoing integrity of the rivers.  We also draw on strategic planning and new research in these cities to understand the changing nature of their urban rivers.

With growing community expectations for the preservation and diversification of the values attributed to urban rivers, we acknowledge that answering this question is challenging, but necessary.  Integrating the findings of current research and practical case studies, we offer principles for the future management of urban rivers that will maintain their status as critical ecosystem elements and major landscape features that define the liveability of our future cities.

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