Phan Pham Tuan

Phan Pham Tuan

Pham Tuan Phan is CEO of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat. Phan is the first riparian CEO from Vietnam. He has extensive managerial experience running offices at international organizations as well as in the private sector. Phan holds Master’s and Doctor’s degrees in Physics from the State University of Belarus.

The lower Mekong basin (LMB) is one of the most active regions for hydropower development world-wide. The Mekong River Commission’s Basin Development Strategy 2016-2020 shows that hydropower is an important development opportunity for this shared basin. But without proper strategies and a meaningful multilateral cooperation to maintain a balance between energy production, social, and environmental considerations, these would come with a cost.

Around the world, transboundary river basins are also facing challenges and trade-offs between nationally or regionally induced hydropower infrastructure development and the preservation of ecosystem integrity at basin-scale. Basin organizations are looking to develop and improve notification and consultation procedures for transboundary cooperation in order to prevent conflict over resource development early on and attain better outcomes from a perspective of sound basin and water resources development.

Participants will look at examples from the Mekong and other transboundary basins and are invited to reflect on challenges and solutions for transboundary cooperation in the context of sustainable hydropower development and governance. Between 2010 and 2017, the MRC member states have undergone three prior consultation processes for dams proposed on the Mekong mainstream. These resulted in considerable learning and improvement in capacity, cooperation practice and results. An updated state-of-the-art design guidance is underpinning these prior consultations, which in turn is supported by a world-class, freely available Hydropower Mitigation Guideline and Knowledge Base.

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