Rachel Scalongne

Rachel Scalongne

Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

Overview Of The Compliance Framework In Queensland And Future Directions

Overview of compliance framework

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy is responsible for the regulation of a range of legislation relating to the management of Queensland’s resources. In order to be an effective regulator, the department requires effective mechanisms to monitor and respond to identified risks to resources and respond accordingly.

The natural resources division of the department has a compliance framework to guide the consistent and professional delivery of compliance activities across the state.

Future directions

Committed to continuous improvement and maintaining best practice approaches – the department is currently developing an updated compliance framework. Through consultation with relevant stakeholders and drawing on existing frameworks, learnings, research and benchmarking, the framework will focus on a proactive, empowered, transparent and responsive compliance approach.

The update of the framework supports all of the aspects of the department’s regulatory approach and the management of the water business. These include implementation of improved legislative provisions, building capacity, governance groups and leveraging off advancements in technology and information capture and use.

The ability to monitor changes in the environment with finite resources is an issue for many, if not all regulators. Whilst the use of technology provides endless opportunities for regulatory agencies to better monitor large areas and a range of issues in a timely way – it also presents challenges for how to manage and respond to what may be detected.

This presentation will provide an overview of Queensland’s compliance framework – the approach, how it operates, the benefits of a compliance framework and the outcomes achieved; as well as the learnings and future opportunities.

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