Shaohua Hsu

Shaohua Hsu

I am currently a teacher and researcher on river, groundwater, and watershed related issues. I work with friends and community trying to restore the ecosystem in local rivers and are doing projects for approaching a sustainable, green city. Dept. water resources engineering/ Feng Chia University

Case Study of River Restoration in Taichung City_Hishuike River

Urban development often turns rivers into foul-smelling ditches that drive the public away. The construction of roads can also diminish the habitat of aquatic plants and animals in streams outside of cities. In this paper, an example of river restoration in Taichung City is presented and analyzed. The example is Shishuike River, which is outside of the city center and home to the Moltrecht’s minnow (Aphyocypris moltrechti), a species exclusive to Taiwan. The Shishuike River required remediation because of constant flooding that has caused hardship for nearby residents. This remediation project involved the first case of relocating endangered species in Taiwan. Moltrecht’s minnows were relocated before construction began and released into the remediated river after construction ended. The project achieved the dual goals of safety for residents and ecological conservation.

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