Steven Trewhella

Steven Trewhella

Steven is a Fellow of the Institution and Civil Engineers specialising the strategic development and shaping of investments in flood and coastal resilience. With an international career spanning 25 years Steven works with clients to build the connection between water, people and places; and deliver solutions that are sensitive to future risks and opportunities. As a founding member of the UK Flood Partnership, and Chair of the Water Group of the UK Association of Consultancy and Engineering, Steven is working with industry and partners to foster collaboration and the promotion of international best practice.

“Turned Out Nice Again”, Postcard From The Future

What to do about the future? Drawing on insights from major programmes, and his role on the advisory group for the National (England) Flood and Coastal Erosion Strategy Update 2019, Steven will explore how we set about visualising future strategies and delivering solutions that are sensitive to future risks and opportunities. Removing barriers between today, tomorrow and the future, Steven will share lessons related to the importance of mindset, diversity, pathways, and governance. By providing attendees with a little inspiration and ideas for their own programmes, strategies and ambitions; we can better work together, learning how to shape a resilient future that ‘turned out nice again’.

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