Posters - International Riversymposium
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Managing large river basins

Impact of discharge regulation schemes on life along the Upper Yellow River
Filip Schuurman
Royal Haskoning DHV, Netherlands

Taming untameable Brahmaputra-type braiding rivers
Filip Schuurman
Royal Haskoning DHV, Netherlands


Policy, governance and institutions

Policy actor perspectives on water governance and expert knowledge in the Koshi basin
Shawahiq Siddiqui

Conservation and Protection of Rivers and Legal Position in Present Scenario :A Study in Indian Perspective
Avdhesh Pratap
Janhit Foundation, India


River restoration

Urban rivers, revitalisation and stormwater sustainable management in Brazil: Conceptions, guidelines and alternatives
Frederico Hanai Yuri
Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar), Brazil

Performance of a constructed stream designed to mimic natural ecosystem processes
Chris Gippel
Fluvial Systems, Australia


Rivers and Wetlands : Sharing Knowledge, Raising Awareness
Eric Tilman, Belgium


Integrated river basin management

Local residents and members of river basin committees in Brazil: opinions on water management
Frederico Yuri Hanai
Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil

Modelling for Basin Planning: A Demonstration in the Brahmani Basin, India
Carmel Pollino
CSIRO, Australia

Water demand analysis using WEAP model for supporting irrigation management in Navsari district, Gujarat
Sanjay Yadav
Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, India

An Outcomes-Based Twinning Project: Willamette River, Oregon, USA and Rio Laja, Mexico
Tara Davis
Willamette River Initiative, United States


Present biodiversity status of River Cooum: needs conservation
Ramanibai Ravichandran
University of Madras, India

Brisbane’s Community Conservation Partnerships Program
Natalie Baker
Brisbane City Council, Australia


Water security

Salt water intrusion and its impact on Benthota River, Galle District in Sri Lanka
Samanmali M.a.d
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Impact of salt water intrusion on groundwater quality of Kalpitiya Peninsula, Sri Lanka
Samanmali M.a.d.
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


Environmental flows

Downstream Hydrologic, Geomorphic and Socio-Economic Impacts of Hydel Projects in Northeast India – Case Studies of the Ranganadi and Dikrong Rivers
Priyam Borgohain
National Institute of Advanced Studies, India

Exploring the applicability of Australian environmental flow approaches in India
Simon Tilleard
Alluvium International, Australia

Geomorphological design, operation and mitigation considerations around small hydro power plants
David Hetherington
Arup, UK

The hydraulics of rock ramp fishways – A case study: South Dubbo Weir fishway
Hamid Ghajarnia and Simon Tilleard
Alluvium, Australia


Climate change

Trend Analysis in Rainfall & Runoff Regime and Land Use Cover Change in Badulu Oya Upper Catchment, Sri Lanka
Chathura Sanjeewa
National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka


Water quality and public health

Healthy Waterplay: informing the public about where and when waterways are safe for recreation (South East Queensland, Australia)
Natalie Baker, Brisbane City Council, Australia

Network approach to address the wicked problems of Water Quality
Safa Fanaian
South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies. India